Sunday, 21 November 2010

Meetings past, meetings to come...

The fatal combination of being very busy, very tired and very lazy has meant a near-unforgiveable delay in posting on this blog. If there's still anybody out there, sorry, and I promise to be more regular in the future.
The last meeting in the Boswell was another great success, with a near perfect turn-out by previous attendees, plus a few more new faces.
I'll be posting more details about that meeting in a day or two.
One of the main points to be discussed was a canonical name for the society. Many suggestions were made, from the St Simon Parallels to the Scotchwoman's Breakfasts. None really hit the mark, until The Self-Important Fools - a reference from the Illustrious Client - was mentioned. There was also a groundswell of support for Scotland Yard to be included, as the most obvious Caledonian reference in the canon.
Eventually, and after much discussion, argument, counter-argument and hissy fits -particularly from the chairman - The Self Important Scotland Yarders was settled upon.
The Sherlock Holmes Society of Scotland will be retained as a subsidiary title.
Mr Scott Stevenson, our resident Vernet, has designed a few potential logos for the society, the latest and most popular being the following:

Pretty damned excellent work, Mr Stevenson. The image is of the Holmes statue Picardy Place in Edinburgh
(now in storage until the tramworks are finished around Leith Walk), and the font is Baskerville, a beautiful typeface designed by John Baskerville in 1757.


  1. May I suggest, inasmuch as "Self-Important" is a multi-word adjective, that you insert the missing hyphen?

    Other than that, it's Great!

  2. Looks more like the statue from outside Baker Street tube in London.