Sunday, 19 December 2010

The First Glasgow Art Club Meeting, November 2010

Our first gathering at the wonderful Art Club in Bath Street, courtesy of member Jeannie Rae. Holmes and Watson would have approved of the darkwood library setting, and the excellent fizz brought along by the generous Louise Murray, who had wisely decided to give priority to a Sherlock Holmes Society meeting a few days before her wedding.
Also struggling through the snow were Noelle Carroll, Jeannie and Allan Rae, Simone Hughes, Andy Lombardini, Paul, Scott Stevenson and Barry Young. Ann Dickson was a very welcome new face, and we had apologies from Elaine, Graham and Sharon as well as good wishes from many others who couldn't make it.
It was agreed that an annual subscription of £10 would be levied on all members, of which more in another posting. We also agreed that, as the Self-Important Scotland Yarders, it was incumbent upon us to adorn ourselves with as many honorifics and titles as possible. Therefore, in homage to Dr Grimesby Roylott in The Speckled Band, the Chairman will be known as the Scotland Yard Jack-in-Office, the Membership Secretary will be addressed as The Busybody, and the Treasurer as The Meddler.
Barry Young was anointed to the first position, with Dr Allan Rae filling the shoes of The Busybody, and Simone Hughes taking on the mantle of The Meddler.
It was also agreed that membership cards will be issued, with each member allocated a Canonical nom-de-guerre. The following pseudonyms were issued:
Barry: The Sardonic Interruption (VALL)
Scott: The Somewhat Sinister Figure (EMPT)
Paul: The Proper Workhouse Cough
Andy: The Atrocious Sentiment
Anne: The Picture of Canine Indecision
Simone: The Six-Mile Trudge
Louise: The Drunken Vagabond
Allan: The Mere Vulgar Fortune-Seeker
Jeannie: The Shocking Habits (all SIGN)
Noelle: The Pick of A Bad Lot (STUD)
Next meeting in the Art Club on January 31st at 7.30pm, when we're discussing A Scandal In Bohemia and Sharon Mail will be giving us a talk on her friend and subject of her book We Could Possibly Comment: Ian Richardson Remembered. The great Shakespearian actor played Holmes in two TV specials and also Dr Joseph Bell in the BBC Murder Rooms series.

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